Coronavirus School Update – 17 March 2020

By 17th March 2020 School News

Dear Parents and Carers,

I am writing to you to update you with the latest position with regard to the Corona Virus (as of 2:30pm today!) and the strategies we are using in the Valley Partnership.

  • Current advice from Public Health England and LA is that schools remain open – we will do our utmost to keep school open as directed by national directives. However, there may be times when we need to combine classes/groups of children in the case of staff absence and where we are unable to secure supply teachers. We will ensure that we are able to meet health and safety requirements. This could mean staff may be in different schools. We will inform you IF the schools need to close and we will be setting home learning. This will be via a separate, detailed letter about our arrangements. Please ENSURE that we have your email address.
  • Educating children about hygiene – we have been, for the past two weeks in particular, teaching children hand washing techniques, general advice on how to keep clean and how bacteria and viruses are spread. We have been trying to help reduce children’s anxiety by listening to their concerns and gently guiding them to focus on their learning. We have put up posters and ensured there are plenty of paper towels, toilet rolls and soap! 😊. We believe it is important for children to be able to express their worries – and some of them are very concerned.
  • School lunches – as far as is possible, we will continue to cook lunches. In case of emergency, we may offer a more basic meal, as we have done in the past, such as sandwiches. We may need to ask that you send a packed lunch. For those entitled to Free School Meals, we will endeavour to provide a meal.
  • Communication – we will continue to update you electronically via email/website and by telephone should there be any further changes. We are trying to communicate electronically to save paperAs above, please ENSURE that we have your email address.
  • Pupil absence update – following the latest advice…. if your child has a ‘new persistent cough or a high temperature’, or if they are ill for the usual reasons, please do not send them to school, but do let us know. They will be marked as ill in the register. If you answer yes to the following: has your family has returned from one of the areas designated by Public Health England? Have you been advised by medical professionals to self-isolate? Have you been in close contact with a confirmed case, or a household member who is displaying a ‘new persistent cough or a high temperature’ then please tell us immediately with the reason that requires you to self-isolate and do not send your child to school. They will then be marked as absent in exceptional circumstances. In other circumstances, pupils will be expected to be in school and therefore any absence from school will be marked as unauthorised.Event changes – as of immediate effect


SPORTS RELIEF at in both schools 18/3/2020 TOMORROW This event WILL go ahead but is now a closed event and we ask we don’t have spectators. Wear bright colours to school and bring your money 😊
PE in school WILL go ahead in both schools. Premier Sports will hope to continue to deliver as planned.

CURRENTLY CONTINUING WPS Bikeability for Y3/4 on 23/3/2020 & 24/3/2020 – we will advise if this is to be cancelled

Blundell’s Gym BPS Gym for YR/1/2 CANCELLED
Sporting Events away from school For both schools: All cancelled until second week of next term w/c 27th April will be advised at the start of next term.

i.e. No

Tag Rugby today for y3/4 17/3/2020

Cross Country 24/3/2020

Y4 Quad Kids 14/4/2020


Mothering Sunday Services at both churches We have been advised that:

St Mary’s – CANCELLED.

All Saints Holcombe – CANCELLED

PTFA WPS PTFA meeting tonight 17/3/2020 – CANCELLED will rearrange next term

BPS PTFA Easter Bingo 20/3/2020 CANCELLED – BUT we have a special Easter Egg 100 square draw. Rachael B-S will be selling squares at the start/end of the school day at BPS OR leave £1 in either school office for chance of 3 fabulous Easter Egg prizes. To be drawn soon 😊

BPS PTFA meeting next term 14/3/2020 CANCELLED will re arrange next term

School Easter Services Both schools: WILL go ahead BUT These will now be held in each school not church and will be closed service – apologies for those who like to join us.
Community We have been advised that Burlescombe Village Hall is CLOSED until further notice
Under 5’s group at Burlescombe school CANCELLED until next term when we hope to start again – pending national advice.

I do hope that you and your loved ones manage to keep well during the forthcoming weeks and the staff team, as always, will do their best to support you and your child.

Kindest regards,

Deborah Eveleigh

Executive Head teacher