We really value our families working together with us here in the Valley Partnership. The co-operation and complementary work we do together with your child, we believe, is key to their success. To this end, we have our home school agreement document which we invite you and your child to sign and return to school as an understanding of what you can expect from us and how we need you to help us, to help your child.


We also value your feedback for how well you think we are doing and always hope that should you have any concerns you make your child’s teacher first port of call. Should there be a need to escalate matters, our executive head teacher will always ensure she can be contacted to make an appointment. Please contact us if you do have any worries, to enable us to work together to relieve your concerns.

Celebrating Achievements

We do however like to think that you have the opportunity to celebrate our achievements and hard work and would like to remind you that parent view is the tool that Ofsted use to explore parental confidence in schools. This is called Parent View.


Safety and Wellbeing

The safety and well-being of children is a priority in the Valley Partnership. If you have ANY safe guarding concerns, please contact us immediately. The Senior designated person is the Executive Headteacher on head@burlescombe.devon.sch.uk or head@webbers.devon.sch.uk. Please also see our safeguarding policy.

If you are concerned about a child or young person in Devon and want to speak to someone outside of school,  contact our Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) on 0345 155 1071 or email mashsecure@devon.gcsx.gov.uk and give as much information as you can. There is very useful additional advice on the website links below:



Online Safety

There are several on line sites that will give you information and guidance about how to keep your child safe on line. Please read our online safety policy for details of our expectations in school.

To help you at home we have put located some useful websites:

To help your child keep safe while using Minecraft: Brush up on your Minecraft knowledge and stay safe


Online safety of older children- safe web surfing top tips for Kids and teens on line


Are on line games with chat safe? Are on line games like Minecraft safe?


What are PEGI ratings? PEGI ratings explained!


Keep your personal information safe: Jigsaw for 8-10 year olds


Keep your personal information safe (Be a Super protector KS 1) A CEOP KS 1 Film: ‘Lee and Kim’ cartoon suitable for 5-7yrs