The well-being and welfare of every member of our school community is our first priority. We aim to ensure everyone feels safe, valued and able to talk openly about physical and mental health and well-being. Our Curriculum 360  educates and supports children to develop their awareness of their own and others' physical and mental health.


Our Character Education Programme enables children to reflect on their own virtues and explicitly teaches key aspects of character, helping children to deal with all kinds of challenges that may arise as they grow up. Throughout the taught, caught and sought elements of Character Education, children learn about having healthy minds, as well as healthy bodies, and learn coping strategies for when things are tough.


Children’s mental health awareness, planned into our C360 each year, provides opportunities for collaborative working. Concentrating on the 'Community' cornerstone of C360, we aim to provide a sense of belonging in all that we do. This supports children to believe they can inspire positive change in themselves, in others and in the world in which we live. This  in turn supports the well-being of all.


As a trust we understand that sometimes individuals and families need specific well-being support. The Social Inclusion Team work across the Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust and is available to staff, pupils and families where they can listen and signpost when appropriate.