Consultation to join the Alumnis Multi-Academy Trust and convert to academy status


The Valley Partnership schools and the Alumnis Trust, following a robust process of checks, entered into a Management Partnership that started in September 2021.  Regular monitoring and review has taken place throughout the duration of the Management Partnership with reports to the TVP Board and to a Joint Committee including TVP Board members, Alumnus Trustees, Exeter Diocese and the Local Authority.

The Management Partnership has been extremely positive, and we believe that fully converting to join Alumnis Multi Academy Trust is in the best interest of our pupils, staff, school and community.  Some of the benefits of joining the Alumnis family are:

  • Pupils are front and centre of all decision making, with agreed expectations delivering an exceptional focus on children's strong learning, character and wellbeing
  • The Trust believes in delivering Equity and Excellence as standard in every classroom.
  • Alumnis celebrates the unique distinctiveness of each school and respects its autonomy and place within the community. It upholds and promotes the Christian values of its Church Schools.
  • Alumnis makes considerable investment into ‘powering-up’ classrooms and building essential teams around learners, staff and schools.
  • At the heart of the Alumnis vision is the innovative C360 Curriculum, which is embedded across all Alumnis schools, complementing the schools’ own visions and values.
  • Alumnis Professional Learning programmes are led by staff across the trust; securing a habit of collaboration and shared accountability to improve all schools.
  • Alumnis has a regional and national education network designed to work alongside their schools to support and research best practice.
  • Alumnis professional services; enables teachers and leaders time to teach, including: governance; social inclusion team, risk management; procurement; estate support; administration; project management; health and safety; recruitment and employee relations; communications and marketing; ICT; staff wellbeing and employee assistance packages

We believe that by working as part of the Alumnis family rather than in isolation we can accelerate school improvement and embed excellence in our schools.  Together, we can create more opportunities for the lifelong success of our pupils as they become young adults.

How you can contribute to this consultation:


We are now consulting with staff, parents, carers, pupils and the community.  The consultation period will run between the 26th April 2022 and the 14th June 2022.

There are a number of ways that you can communicate and share your views.  Please address your communications to the Chair of the Governing Board of The Valley Partnership.

  • Emails can be sent to
  • Letters may be sent to the Chair of the Governing Board using either of the school addresses.
  • We will also hold 2 public meetings on Tuesday 7th June, 15:30 at Burlescombe Church of England School and 17:30 at Webber's Church of England School.

The Governing Board will then consider a report on the academy consultation before making a final decision on whether to proceed with the proposal.  If the Governing Board agree to proceed, the plan is for the school to convert on 1st September 2022.

If you have any feedback on the proposal that you would like to share with the Governing Board then please do so by emailing on or before 10th June 2022.


Yours faithfully

Emily Hooper

Chair of Governors